Reading Room also available

S. No. Book No of Books
1. Reference Books 600
2. 1. Hindi 700
2. English 820
3. Science 900
4. S.St. 950
5. Moral Value 400
6. Maths 950
7. G.K. 600
8. Sanskrit 650
9. Other Books 956
Total No. of Books 7526
3. News Paper
1. Hindustan Times
2. Dainik Jagran
3. Rashtriya Sahara
4. Hindustan
5. Aaj
6. दैनिक भास्कर
8. द हिन्दु
4. Periodicals
1. तापमान
2. India Today
3. Science Reporter
4. प्रतियोगिता दर्पण
5. बाल हंस
6. कादम्बिनी
7. नंदन
8. आउटलुक
9. स्पोर्ट्स
10. चंपक
11. मनोरमा
12. सरिता

P.P.M’s School Library is open to all students from Class II onwards. All classes have one Library Period per week. Students visiting the Library have to observe the following rules:

  • Every student shall borrow and read books from the Library each month as per the activities listed in the schedule.
  • Until the previous issued book is returned , students will not be eligible for a fresh issue.
  • Reference books are not for issue. These books can be read only in the Library.
  • Any student found deliberately damaging or defacing a book may be debarred from the Library for the entire term or academic year.
  • The Library has an open access system, and the students must help maintain the order and organization of the collection in different shelves. They must place the books in the shelves strictly according to the call numbers, after consultation with the librarian.
  • Library Books should be returned on time, failing which parents will be asked to report to the School and explain the non-return of the Library books by their ward.
  • Strict discipline has to be maintained in the Library.

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